All posts for the month February, 2016

Kevin and Matt are back together to get caught up on all of their favourite DC Comics TV shows. Including: trying to figure out who Zoom is, who winds up dead in Arrow, which direction Legends of Tomorrow is heading, and the surprising turn-around of Supergirl.

Because Matt refuses to spend money on Deadpool, Miller went to go see the movie and is here to give a hastily written review of what could be a surging franchise. Also, they discuss all of the Super Bowl TV spots for the upcoming comic movies, the new BvS trailer, Daredevil S2 trailer, and the Game of Thrones S6 teaser.

It’s no secret that Matt hates Deadpool, here are some isolated clips of his ramblings and muses on a character he once compared to Larry the Cable Guy and Dane Cook. Featuring Rob, Kevin and Mike.

An ecstatic Craig Needles is here to celebrate a Super Bowl victory with Matt and Bill. Matt rejoices over a lucrative Von Miller bet, the future of football, and The People vs OJ Simpson is also discussed.

Craig, Matt, and Bill get together (possibly for the last time this season) to talk football. Craig breaks down the Super Bowl match up and tries not to fall apart mentally while Bill and Matt discuss prop betting for and against his Broncos.