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Dave, Kevin, and Matt take it back all the way to episode 10 and reunite to review Daredevil S3 on Netflix and discuss the future relationship of Marvel shows and Netflix.

The epic conclusion to our Simpsons Halloween Bracket. Found out who made the Final Four and which segment ends up being the greatest of all time. Also, the panel plays a little trivia for bragging rights.

The Crossover Crew gets together for another Halloween treat. This time they try to figure out the greatest Simpsons Treehouse of Horror segment of all time.

We celebrate our episode 150 milestone with a debate between host Matt and guest Dave as they argue which of the latest Star Wars movies was better. Dave will argue for Force Awakens and Matt argues for Rogue One. They do so in front of a panel of long time guests Kevin, Mike, and Rob. Good times are had by all.

Almost the ENTIRE Crossover Crew joins Matt to celebrate making it to 50 episodes by doing a commentary track to 1997s disaster movie Batman and Robin. It is a great podcast for those who have ever wanted to hear Matt sing R. Kelly’s Gotham City.

Take a trip back to 2000 with The Crossover crew as we provide a commentary track to the first X-Men movie that kicked off the era of decent comic book movies.

Kevin, Matt, and Dave are back together to discuss the Netflix Daredevil series (spoilers!) and then give their thoughts on the new Star Wars: Force Awakens and Batman v. Superman trailers.