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Bill rejoices over the Miracle in Minnesota, the gang breakdown the rest of the crazy finishes in the divisional round, discuss rumoured coach hirings, and make predictions for the conference final match-ups.

Craig, Matt, and Bill discuss what happened in Steelers/Bengals, all the suspensions that occurred this week, and gamble on Week 14. Friends of the Show picks provided by The 4th Line Podcast.

Matt, Craig, and Bill deep dive into NFL Week 13 including: the Crabtree/Talib suspensions, who the Broncos future quarterback might be, and what will happen with Eli Manning. Friend of the Show picks provided by Stacey Needles.

Happy Thanksgiving to our American brethren! Craig, Matt, and Bill celebrate by trying to recover from the worst gambling week in the history of the podcast with some Week 12 winners.

Craig and Bill try to help Matt make sense of gambling on Week 11, Ashley Kruger makes a cameo appearance, and the Friends of the Show picks are provided by Paul from The Countdown Podcast (1:05:00 minute mark).