All posts for the month March, 2017

BEIS-BOL!!! Craig joins Matt to discuss win total bets for every team in Major League Baseball, Matt gives his top five picks, and they go into detail on their favourite team: the Toronto Blue Jays.

Kyle Brown makes his debut on The Crossover with Kevin and Matt to breakdown the Netflix series “Iron Fist” (spoilers!).

Craig and Matt attempt to avenge their terrible performance from last year buy creating the ultimate March Madness bracket. Take them on here:ā€¦p?groupID=1849291

Matt is joined by Jess and Craig to discuss Corrine’s exit on The Bachelor, her future prospects on the franchise, and discuss the rules to next weeks Women Tell All drinking game. Afterwards, Jess ducks out (33:00 minute mark) to give Craig and Matt a chance to discuss the NHL Trade Deadline.