To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Batman: The Animated Series and Batman Day, The Crossover Podcast debuts its new sit down commentary homage to the the show. The first guest is Michael Lepock who chose his favourite episode titled “Almost Got ‘Im”. So find a copy of that episode and listen/watch along with us.

Matt, Kevin Rob and Mike lend their expert and only mostly-drunk commentary to Starship Troopers, and remind you of what to REALLY do when told You Know What To Do.

Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? Of course it is! That’s why we recorded our Christmas gift of the Die Hard watch along commentary track. At one point something so silly is said that we had to censor it…try and guess where.

With Luke Cage just a week away the Crossover Crew goes back to 1998 to provide a commentary track to Marvels cinematic masterpiece: Blade. There is also a play along drinking game but, as always, don’t drink and drive.

We jump aboard the hype train for the Suicide Squad with our follow along commentary to 2014’s DC Animated movie “Batman: Assault on Arkham”.

In order to get you hyped for X-Men Apocalypse next week, Mike and Matt get together to record a follow along commentary to the best X-Men movie of all-time X2. Line up your copy of the movie and watch along with us. Note: we recorded this a few moths ago so some of the dialogue is a little dated.

The Crossover Podcast continues its tradition of lead-in commentaries with our lead-in to Batman v Superman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2. Follow along as DC Animated brings the bible of comic books to life and watch Batman fight Superman as cartoons, before watching them punch each other in 3D.

Almost the ENTIRE Crossover Crew joins Matt to celebrate making it to 50 episodes by doing a commentary track to 1997s disaster movie Batman and Robin. It is a great podcast for those who have ever wanted to hear Matt sing R. Kelly’s Gotham City.

Kevin and Matt get together to explain to you who Jessica Jones is before you watch the Netflix series. They also discuss the most recent episodes of Arrow, Flash and Supergirl, plus provide a quick mini-commentary track.

The Crossover crew gets you prepared for Starz new “Ash vs Evil Dead” TV show with a commentary track to the 1992 masterpiece Army of Darkness. Matt, Rob and Mike have a good time while Miller loses his mind.