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An ecstatic Craig Needles is here to celebrate a Super Bowl victory with Matt and Bill. Matt rejoices over a lucrative Von Miller bet, the future of football, and The People vs OJ Simpson is also discussed.

Craig, Matt, and Bill get together (possibly for the last time this season) to talk football. Craig breaks down the Super Bowl match up and tries not to fall apart mentally while Bill and Matt discuss prop betting for and against his Broncos.

Craig rejoices over the Broncos win over New England, Bill helps breakdown Cardinals/Panthers, and Matt plays a quick round of Superbowl Trivia.

Craig does a victory lap over the Broncos win against Pittsburgh, Bill helps breaks down the conference title games, and Matt just tags along while comparing NFL teams to Bachelor contestants.

Bill, Craig, and Matt discuss what happened in Wildcard Weekend, look ahead to the divisional playoff round, and (in true Crossover fashion) briefly talk about the Force Awakens.

Craig (@NeedlesOnNews) is back for the second week in a row. This time he is here preview the NFC and help you figure out which teams to bet on (Spoiler alert: bet on the Vikings).