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Because Matt refuses to spend money on Deadpool, Miller went to go see the movie and is here to give a hastily written review of what could be a surging franchise. Also, they discuss all of the Super Bowl TV spots for the upcoming comic movies, the new BvS trailer, Daredevil S2 trailer, and the Game of Thrones S6 teaser.

After much demand The Crossover heads back to the other side to discuss many nerd related things. Up to and including: the Force Awakens, Suicide Squad, Deadpool, X-Men Apocalypse, Batman v Superman, Jessica Jones, Venture Bros, Ninja Turtles, Legends of Tomorrow, Warcraft, and Independence Day. Joining Matt are Mike, Kevin, and Rob.

Matt and Kevin discuss the opening episodes of the currents seasons of Supergirl, Flash and Arrow, as well as several new movie trailers. Matt also explains the last two seasons of Agents of Shield to a disinterested Miller.