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Craig and Matt make their annual bracket before discussing Tiger Woods and the NBA/NHL Playoffs, Matt also gives a slight preview of next weeks Jessica Jones podcast.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It’s The Crossover Podcasts 4th birthday and to celebrate Craig joins Matt to discuss the NHL Trade Deadline, Winter Olympics, Blue Jays, and The Bachelor.

Jess is back and she joins Craig and Matt to discuss the season premier of The Bachelorette (mostly Whaboom guy). At the 54:00 minute mark, we switch gears to talk a little PK Subban and Ottawa attendance numbers.

Matt and Craig get caught up on the NHL Playoffs, discuss the legacy’s of Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin, the NBA playoffs and draft results, and briefly talk the nightmare season for the Toronto Blue Jays. They then switch to some pop culture and converse about the first season of Riverdale, season five of Arrested Development, the new Bachelor spin-off, and CM Punk on MTVs The Challenge.

Craig and Matt get together to discuss Round 1 and predict Round 2 of the NHL Playoffs. Then, at the 44:00 minute mark, they gamble on Round 1 of the NFL Draft with newly legal prop bets.

True crossover day as Craig joins Matt to discuss the NHL Playoffs so far and at the 26 minute mark Kevin and Rob jump in to discuss various comic news (including the Star Wars, Thor, and Krypton trailers and Joss Whedon directing Batgirl).

Craig and Matt give their predictions for the first round of the NHL playoffs, discuss whether or not Patrick Elias is a Hall of Famer, and possible landing spots for Dallas Eakins.

Matt is joined by Jess and Craig to discuss Corrine’s exit on The Bachelor, her future prospects on the franchise, and discuss the rules to next weeks Women Tell All drinking game. Afterwards, Jess ducks out (33:00 minute mark) to give Craig and Matt a chance to discuss the NHL Trade Deadline.

Craig and Matt get together to discuss Jose Bautista and the current state of Toronto sports before switching to the NFL (14:00 mark)and end with some talk about The Bachelor (60:00 mark).

The Crossover Podcast finally gets back to some sports talk as Craig makes his triumphant return to discuss the hilariously bad trades made in the NHL, Steven Stamkos re-signing, and catch up on The Bachelorette.